Programs and Tools I Use

OS setup

I prefer a Linux system, preferably a Fedora or Arch Linux for the workstation, and RHEL-based or Debian for the server.

Occasionally I do have no choice but to use Windows (e.g. for gaming), and can administer Windows Server (proprietary enterprise tools, or sometimes AD is just the better tool for now).

Workstation programs

These are the programs I elect to use, regardless of what I’m doing/what OS.

  • BROWSER: Mozilla Firefox
    • Extensions: uBlock Origin, ViolentMonkey, Stylus, Vimium
  • EDITOR: neovim / Sublime Text / VS Code
  • PASSWORDS: Bitwarden + self-hosted Vaultwarden
  • DOCS: LaTeX (+ latexmk), Pandoc / LibreOffice (when absolutely needed)
    • (Microsoft Office when absolutely, absolutely required)


My main home desktop setup at the moment.

  • DISTRO: Fedora (KDE Plasma Desktop spin)
    • Planning for next time to use Fedora Everything instead (too much random preinstalled stuff)
  • DE: KDE Plasma
    • I am still lazy for my home desktop and will probably stick with Plasma though
    • For laptop I might go back to sway, if not on a MacBook anymore
  • MUSIC: Quod Libet
  • SHELL: zsh
  • TERM: Kitty
  • Tracked dotfiles (KDE is just too hard to VCS)
  • (Fedora setup notes)


I’m using macOS for both personal laptop and work at the moment.


This is just me doing my best.

  • MUSIC: MusicBee
  • TERM: Windows Terminal

Server programs

Services I run include:

  • Nginx
  • Samba
  • Git
  • Nextcloud
  • Pihole
  • Wireguard
  • Jellyfin (media server)
  • Navidrome (music server)

Some of these are managed via Docker.